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2010/07/08 : New skin, courtesy of UmbraProjekt
2009/02/13 : Fixed bard names
2009/02/11 : New rating system
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Latest songs

TitleBardRatingD/L *DownloadLicense
Awaiting a New Era Namfoodle 581 307/785 mp3
Dungeons of Demise Namfoodle 497 278/568 mp3
The Wasteland Weeps Namfoodle 532 276/366 mp3
Creature of the wood (night theme) Mingos 634 544/500 mp3 ogg
Creature of the wood (day theme) Mingos 636 411/344 mp3 ogg

All times charts More ...

Title Rating
Duegar Requiem1179
The Three Caravels1116
Azog's march II1094
The Naïve Bard (cover)1038
Space Odyssey1011

Most popular More ...

Title D/L *
Duegar Requiem984/1462
Space Odyssey788/820
The Naïve Bard (cover)770/773
The Three Caravels813/704
The Way Your Journey Ends696/798

Weekly charts More ...

Title Rating
Nomad's Dream12
Awaiting a New Era11
Azog's march II9
Dungeons of Demise8

Monthly charts More ...

Title Rating
Nomad's Dream31
Azog's march II21
The Three Caravels20