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2010/07/08 : New skin, courtesy of UmbraProjekt
2009/02/13 : Fixed bard names
2009/02/11 : New rating system
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Latest songs

TitleBardRatingD/L *DownloadLicense
Awaiting a New Era Namfoodle 730 395/946 mp3
Dungeons of Demise Namfoodle 643 347/675 mp3
The Wasteland Weeps Namfoodle 670 344/442 mp3
Creature of the wood (night theme) Mingos 763 662/577 mp3 ogg
Creature of the wood (day theme) Mingos 767 529/397 mp3 ogg

All times charts More ...

Title Rating
Duegar Requiem1319
The Three Caravels1273
Azog's march II1263
The Naïve Bard (cover)1180
Nomad's Dream1153

Most popular More ...

Title D/L *
Duegar Requiem1069/1610
Space Odyssey855/908
The Naïve Bard (cover)852/859
Azog's march II836/866
The Three Caravels883/784

Weekly charts More ...

Title Rating
The Wasteland Weeps8
In defense of the great tree7
The rose and the snake II5
Creature of the wood (day theme)4
Nomad's Dream4

Monthly charts More ...

Title Rating
Unique feeling21
Azog's march II18
Duegar Requiem18
Town Music17